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In this game, you will follow the journey of Kalia, a demon girl who escaped from hell and established a life in the overworld, living in seclusion deep in the woods. One day, she encountered a couple of zombies during a walk, tracking their source back to a cave. Kalia proceeded to explore the caves, eventually finding an entrance into a complex of ancient ruins, but getting trapped within in the process.

With no way back, Kalia must venture further into the ruins in search of another exit. But fortune turns to her favor when she discovers an ancient Fire Staff. Kalia immediately attunes to the staff's energy, becoming able to wield its fire powers. But the staff's energy has been weakened from several millenia of disuse. In order to escape the underground, Kalia must embark on a journey through the remains of a lost civilization, fight increasingly more capable foes, and unlock the staff's true potential.

Use your abilities to burn your foes! Create and spread fires to amplify your powers, but be careful not to let it out of control. Solve puzzles and navigate the ruins in search of your way out!

The current build includes a brief snippet of Kalia's journey, set shortly after Kalia's discovery of the Fire Staff. It should amount to 15-30 minutes of gameplay. This game is still in pre-alpha and will be receiving more updates as it gets developed, therefore many aspects of it are subject to improvement or change, so your feedback is greatly appreciated!

Soundtrack by tapefilter2000 (on Bandcamp)

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Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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Made withUnity
Tags2D, Dungeon Crawler, Exploration, Female Protagonist, Top-Down
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Playstation controller


KatFS 0.1.4 Pre-Alpha.zip 77 MB
KatFS 0.1.3b Pre-Alpha.zip 77 MB
KatFS 0.1.2 Pre-Alpha.zip 74 MB

Install instructions

Unpack the "KatFS 0.1.0 Pre-Alpha" zip file anywhere and run the "Kalia and the Fire Staff" exe file to start the game. If the game has issues running, ensure it is not being blocked by antivirus software such as Norton. The zip also includes a PDF mini-guide in English and Brazilian Portuguese.

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Cool demo! 

Enjoyed a lot the art, it's simple but solid. The mechanics was not hard, but not too easy. 

Didn't find any bugs, but the keys to use the potions appeared and disappeared, don't know if was somehow contextual but was hard to figure it out, probably my fault!

Nice to see a realy solid demo, good job!

Much appreciated! You're right about the potion prompts, they're meant to be contextual depending on how much health/magic you have.

Sees a very good alpha!! I like the gameplay than the game have and the decoration of the levels!!
I found little bugs but there are not very important and doesn't break the gameplay of the game
Good job doing it and I hope than the game improves more and more :D


Thanks a lot Azhryga! (And excuse me for the late reply :P)
I'm glad that the experience has managed to be this smooth considering it's a pre-alpha, but I'll keep polishing and improving it.

I also started playing Tech War, will give my feedback soon once I get further into it!

You’re welcome :D
Don’t worry for the late reply!! Is understandable!!

Thanks very much for start playing my game!! I really appreciate it!! I will be looking forward for your feedback!!

very well done alpha here. Did not run into any major issues. Keep it up and i know you will have an awesome game here!

Thanks a lot! Appreciate the feedback from the stream, and looking forward to keep expanding and improving Kalia's game even further!